Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Jay's Sculpture Garden 6/8/09

Posted by PicasaThe Wood Nymph near Marianne's Perenial Garden
The clay huggers were made by Jennifer Christy. Betzy, my mother, gave me a nice computer controlled kiln for my 50th birthday (fifteen years ago this week).
The Wood Nymph is a bronze casting of a sculpture I carved out of a piece of chestnut wood that I found in the woods near my house. I saw the Wood Nymph inside standing deadwood that had been killed by the chestnut blight. She was upside down and trapped inside a dead tree, but I still fell in love with her and tried to let her free.

Like a lot of things the sandbox has changed over time. First storms broke the cover and then the boards rotted out so now we are left with just the sand and toys. In a few more years the grandchildren will be interested in other things and the brightly colored plastic will wander away to places with young kids or to the dump.

The late afternoon sun lights up the Running Girl.

Courting Swans has a familiar heart like shape. In the backround is the Vampire Dancer.

This torso was made out of styrofoam covered with Silpro - a special type of cement. Over the years some birds dug out a hole in the armpit and right now two little chickadees have hatched inside so the parents are constantly flying in and out to feed them. So this piece won't get repaired for a while.

Over time the white silpro develops an interesting patina.

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