Wednesday, May 3, 2017

     Here we are on March 9th.  I've finally got the "Tango Dancers" pretty much shaped out and put together.  (Though still lacking an arms and few hands.)  Both Max and I thought it looked pretty good.
     Then I showed it to Jenny.

Sculptures for an outdoor show

        We can start with a new piece "The Tango Dancers"  which is now in the process of being cast in both bronze and stainless steel.   After these pictures were taken they were cut apart and the final shaping and texture was applied.  The finished bronze piece will arrive on the Vineyard in July.

After it is cast in bronze the surface with look like this,

"The Fisherman" is the other large sculpture I am having cast.  The first "Fisherman" was sold at my  Show at the Academy Art Museum.  It was made out of painted steel pipe.

I am recreating that piece out of stainless steel tubing. I have also created a new Fisherman in my abstracted organic forms style. This version  is being cast in both bronze and stainless steel.  The finished cast bronze Fishermen will  arrive on the Vineyard in July.

For both styles of "The Fisherman" the rod and line with be stainless steel.  The fish will be either stainless or aluminum depending on which works best.

The other new large sculpture I have made in the last year is an organically shaped version of the painted steel "Deer Park" made in 1978 which is presently on display in Summit, New Jersey as part of their Summit Public Art Project.

The finish on new version will be with bronze powder so we can give it the brown or the green patina.

When you think of Summer on Martha's Vineyard it is hard not to think of going to our wonderful beaches.  Inspired by many hours spent at Lucy Vincent I made the "Lying Lady" series.

These  Lying Ladies are cast fiberglass.  I have also made them out of cast Silpro a specialty cement.

I am now having them cast in Bronze and Stainless Steel.  They will arrive on the Vineyard in July.  I think the polished stainless steel version should look pretty spectacular.  

    "The Dance" is one of my signature pieces.

      I don't think we should forget about the original small version of The Dance.  My smaller sculptures on the brick bases work well as out door pieces.  They add a point of interest for people's gardens,  by the pool, or in the yard.  They are also are a lot more affordable and easier to sell.  Since the new bronze Swordfish Harpooner is now permanently installed in Menemsha having a bronze Swordfish Harpooner mounted on a beach rock on a pedestal is a great way we can show that popular image.  We should also have Swinging Jenny mounted on a rock  on a pedestal. It is  interesting for people to experience both the small and the large versions of a sculpture.


          I can't imagine a showing of my work without the Swinging Jenny.  I have played with this image for 26 years now.   We obviously can't bring the VIA57 Swinging Jenny to the Vineyard but we do have the version that was enlarged to create it.

And who doesn't like a friendly dog?  Especially when you get your pick of the litter.

This is the Reading Dog

The Political Dog that wants to shake your hand and be your best friend

The Peeing Dog has an attitude.

The Pawstand Dog likes to play

Very little sticks to the stainless Reading Dog

So let's celebrate with the Hi Five Dogs

It is also nice to have some quiet elegant abstraction.
Haleakala Sunrise was cast from a wood carving I made on Maui back in 1989. 
If you want to sit and contemplate the sculptures around you it is nice to have an interesting bench to sit on.  The Arched Lady is surprisingly comfortable.

One thing most people want is a Big Heart.  Even it is a Tumbling Heart.

There is also what I call the "Marianne's Heart.

I am working on a large version of the "Jitterbug Dancers"  which should be done by August.

If you are going to party then you probably want some party animals.  The Hitch Hiking Tiger is always looking to have a good time along with his buddy the B Ball Tiger

The Peace Turtles slowly try to make the world a better place

The large Peace Turtle is almost 8 feet across
Medium Peace Turtle is 34" long

          A show of my work wouldn't be complete without one of my painted steel sculptures.  "Speedo" or The Girl on the Bike sure gets around.  

She even got to hang out with the President back in 2014

Speedo just loves riding the rocks and stone walls of Martha's Vineyard