Thursday, January 15, 2015

1/5/2014 Ride A Beautiful Winter Day

Most of the time when I take off on my mountain bike I first head up Middle Road.  One of the reasons is the wonderful view of the Keith Farm.   I never get tired of it.

I headed into the Fulling Mill Land Bank Preserve.  They made the bridges too narrow, but I won't complain too much.

One of my favorite places is where the brook breached the old dam.

I stopped by to see the progress on the house where "The Dance" will play in their field.

Chilmark Pond is still beautiful, but the small boats are all put away for the winter.

Here is the Ride (or at least the part before my battery went dead) on Strava.

After I got home and did some more work on the Peeing Dog.  

Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Booked a One Way Ticket to Bangkok leaving January 27

Now that I've got the Peeing Dog close enough to being finished I finally booked my flight to Thailand.  I'll be taking the finished Peeing Dog in my luggage.  He would never fit, so I'll have to chop him up into the pieces that the TMC Foundry will make molds from.

Yesterday I finished working on the foam that i had molded over the steel armature.

I put on a first coat of Silpro FSB that I had tinted red.

After the first coat had set up enough I built up the paws in solid Silpro and then put on a second coat tinted with the brown.

A great property of Silpro is that it cures quite slowly so that this morning it was easy to rasp.  You can see how the different colored layers show where the foam was high or low.

I  picked up some Diamond Mesh which I'm making into the ears.  Once the top part has hardened I'll be able to bend the ears into the right shapes.

I got out for a short ride as it was getting dark.