Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Headed off on another Road Trip - Picked up a Hitch Hiking Tiger

    Off on a three part trip.  If I'm going to leave the Island I might as well pack in as much as possible.

    Today I drive 8 hours down to Easton, Maryland to drop off two of the large sculptures for the show in June at the Academy of Art Museum.  I have the freshly painted Deer Park and Speedo along with a couple of small bronzes.

    Then I'll spend Thursday and Friday at the ART Foundry in Lancaster, PA where they are casting my life sized Dance in bronze.  I need to check out the waxes of the last two figures and also put back together the plaster original so that they know exactly what they are trying to reproduce.

    Then on Saturday the is '66 at the Races, a Princeton Class of '66 event.  The Hitch Hiking Tiger wanted to go so why not check it out.  Should be fun.  Our class always liked a good party.

    Then on Sunday I'll head home.  Unfortunately I'll miss the Easter Egg Hunt wi
th all six grandchildren, but they will be around for a week.  I've been working on cleaning up the swimming pool and it is finally warm and clean so we are sure to have a lot of fun.


--   Jay Lagemann

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Flying Around the World, and Unexpected stop in Vienna

    If you end up with lemons you might as well makes some lemonade.

    My flight from Bangkok to Vienna was delayed because of a traffic jam on the runway in Taipei where it originated.  So I missed my connection to Frankfurt so no getting on the scheduled plane to Boston.  When we landed in Vienna they were able to reschedule me for a flight that would arrive in Boston only a few hours latter, but too late for me to catch the last ferry to the Vineyard.  Bummer!  I got the airline to agree they would have to pay for a hotel in Boston, but then I started thinking...  If they are going to pay for my hotel, why not stay in Vienna, where I have never been, see the sights, relax and get a good night's sleep and break the marathon trip from Bangkok into two easy pieces.  So they checked me into an airport hotel and I took the train into Vienna where I walked around and ended up at the modern art museum.

There were all sorts of profound works (ask Nick about all the hidden meanings in them).

After realizing once again that there is no chance of me being a real artist since I can't help but try to make works that are graceful, beautiful, or just plain fun without  without reading expert opinion about how deep and profound it is.

After a good dinner in the museum restaurant surrounded by hip 30 somethings, all smoking, I managed to find my way back to my hotel and get a good nights sleep.

There was enough meat to make a dozen Thai dishes.

    Look forward to getting home.


--   Jay Lagemann