Friday, February 27, 2009

Big Island Blues, NOT

I'm having breakfast at the Coffee Shack looking down at Kealakakua Bay where Captain Cook was slain many years ago. I was pleased to see up on one of their walls they still have a "Petroglif Turtle" sand casting that I made at at Hookena Beach seven years ago.
I've been on the Big Island (Hawaii, the island, not the state) for a little over a week and I feel like I'm settling in. I starting to feel strong from swimming in the ocean a couple of times every day for longer and longer distances and also biking the Hookena access road which is only two miles long, but with almost a thousand feet of climbing.
I'm camping at Hookena on the south Kona Coast. My tent hasn't arrived (long story) so I'm sleeping out under the stars when I can see them and the clouds at the other times.
In the morning I do my yoga type stretching and drink some green tea and hope the dolphins show up, which they haven't except on Sunday when I left the beach early to go to a mountain biking clinic put on by Bike Works Kona bike shop.

The clinic was very good, I learned a lot and had fun doing it. Mountain bikers seem to be a good bunch of people. They held it part of the way up the mountain on a very generous man's property. Then they topped it off by popping open a keg from the Kona Brewing Company and serving us pizza and all sorts of other good food. All with beautiful views and sunshine. The total cost was $10; a lot less that it costs to get a decent lunch around here. I really lucked out.