Friday, August 4, 2017

Tango Dancers - New sculpture dancing in the Field Gallery Sculpture Garden

   The Tango Dancers, a new cast stainless steel sculpture by Chilmark artist Jay Lagemann, has joined to joyful collection of dancing figures in the Field Gallery Sculpture Garden in the center of West Tisbury.   

    Jay Lagemann, the creator of the iconic Swordfish Harpooner sculpture in Menemsha credits Tom Maley as one of his major influences.  "I was always impressed by the boldness and joy of Tom's work but it was in1993 when I had a show of my outdoor sculpture that I realized how much joy and pleasure so many people got from interacting with Maley's dancing Ladies.  Visiting the Sculpture Garden,  interacting and posing with figures was one of the high points of so many Vineyard Vacations.  I also learned a lot when I would stop by and watch him work.  Creating for him was fun and joyful and it obviously has come through in his art." 

    The Tango Dancers joins Jay Lagemann's  Matisse inspired The Dance and Swinging Jenny.  In his studio he is working on the Jitterbug Dancers which may join them next summer.  "I like the challenge of trying to sculpt dancing figures, to be able to give the feelings of motion and joy is something so solid and fixed as bronze and stainless steel."

We installed the Tango Dancers using Jay's "Invisible base" so it really looks like the figures are dancing on the grass.  Must be magic.