Sunday, July 1, 2018

El and I worked on her new lower bunk.  I showed El how to predrill  holes so the screws wouldn't split the ends of the slats.

 Then some great friends dropped by.  Our families have been friends for four generations.  In the days before cell phones we just used to drop by to see friends.  We have kept that tradition with them.  One of the great things about getting older.

When we got back to work I showed El how to use the impact driver.  It's a little tricky controlling the speed so the Phillips bit doesn't slip.

    I really enjoy working with my grand kids.  I like teaching them how to use tools and think through a job, but then figure out how to adapt as new problems crop up, which they usually will. 
    As a family we work together a lot since we have all ended up running family businesses.  The twins had spent the morning helping their parents keep up with the lines at the Chilmark Coffee Trailer at the Farmer's Market all morning.

   Marianne and I had dinner out on our deck and the late afternoon light was so beautiful.  The sculpture "Speedo" captured the last of the sunlight while the field behind is in the shade.

       Besides being the love of my life, and now my wife, Marianne inspires me to make sculptures.  I only started making them when we met and  I just can't seem to stop.