Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Dealing with Failure

I''m having a wonderful time these days, even though I've been having some major failures like trying to to make a mold of the Swinging Jenny that's going out to Beverly Hill.  Three months I've been working at it, taking two steps forward and then one or two back.

Finally after I had cast the back half of the girl I had to face the fact that it wasn't working out the way I had hoped it would.  It wasn't good enough.  And the worst part is that it was all my fault.  I had screwed it up, and even worse, I had screwed it up because I was trying to take shortcuts and gotten cheap with materials.  To try out shortcuts is one thing, to think you will be able to figure out the shortcuts when you haven't ever done it the long, normal, boring way is just plain stupid.

    But getting older and wiser and having come to grips with the idea that I have prostate cancer cells spread out all through my body, I have learned to be happy to be alive and determined to enjoy life and to try to leave the world a little bit better for my having been alive.  So the damn mold didn't work out,  it didn't take me very long to think of positive things that came from the whole process that ended in failure.  I learned a lot and, perhaps most importantly I can justify the expense of having the professionals do it right.  OK I did get depressed for day or two before I started thinking

Thursday, January 24, 2013

A Change of Subject - Whales Breaching through the Snow

Sure has gotten cold here, down into the single digits last night.  The snow sure is beautiful however, especially if you live surrounded by a sculpture garden.

  The Dogs doing the High Five (Claws)

  Of course riding your bike on a stone wall in the snow is asking for a fall....

   Hope everyone stays warm and happy,