Saturday, June 30, 2018

Busy day started with going to see my doctor about dealing with my back pain.  She is referring me to the MGH Pain Center for a steroid shot in the spine and to Physical Therapy.   I had the shot 5 years ago and it really helped, as does the physical therapy.  The problem is stenosis only gets worse with age.
Then in the afternoon built a bottom bunk for Wren with my worker Eben

    After work I road my bike down our road to join the Twins at the beach.  Our neighbors let us use there steps, all 136 of them, to get down to the beach.

    Funny how you forget about the pain when you are playing in the surf.

See if you can spot the twins on such a crowded beach.

    It was Jen and Todd's 27th wedding anniversary so Grandma made dinner for the kids and me.

    Dashiel, being a 16 year old male, knows he is right about everything.  His sisters don't always agree.

    Hope everyone is enjoying summer and not too bummed about the state of the world and our Union.