Monday, April 24, 2017

Hearts and the color red

    I love red.

    I recycled  a big piece of styrofoam to form the core of this sculpture I made for Marianne.  The red helps keep the spirits up during the cold of winter.

     I love the heart shape, especially with a little twist of the tail, which I call the "Marianne's Heart".  Back in the '80 we used it as a logo for our screen printing business.  You can see it in the old sign that is now on my studio wall.

   In the foreground is the "Tango Dancers".  Last week I cut them up and brought them as excess oversized luggage to Thailand where they will be cast in bronze and stainless steel.

Leaving the Bangkok Airport
    Having gotten the shape I wanted I used the big Heart as a mold to make a copy.  I changed the position so it became the "Tumbling Heart".  It became a 60th birthday present from her family for a good friend of ours.

     We installed it at their Martha's Vineyard house Christmas morning.  It was fun to have both my daughters and Chris's husband Barney help with installation.