Sunday, July 1, 2018

El and I worked on her new lower bunk.  I showed El how to predrill  holes so the screws wouldn't split the ends of the slats.

 Then some great friends dropped by.  Our families have been friends for four generations.  In the days before cell phones we just used to drop by to see friends.  We have kept that tradition with them.  One of the great things about getting older.

When we got back to work I showed El how to use the impact driver.  It's a little tricky controlling the speed so the Phillips bit doesn't slip.

    I really enjoy working with my grand kids.  I like teaching them how to use tools and think through a job, but then figure out how to adapt as new problems crop up, which they usually will. 
    As a family we work together a lot since we have all ended up running family businesses.  The twins had spent the morning helping their parents keep up with the lines at the Chilmark Coffee Trailer at the Farmer's Market all morning.

   Marianne and I had dinner out on our deck and the late afternoon light was so beautiful.  The sculpture "Speedo" captured the last of the sunlight while the field behind is in the shade.

       Besides being the love of my life, and now my wife, Marianne inspires me to make sculptures.  I only started making them when we met and  I just can't seem to stop.

Saturday, June 30, 2018

Busy day started with going to see my doctor about dealing with my back pain.  She is referring me to the MGH Pain Center for a steroid shot in the spine and to Physical Therapy.   I had the shot 5 years ago and it really helped, as does the physical therapy.  The problem is stenosis only gets worse with age.
Then in the afternoon built a bottom bunk for Wren with my worker Eben

    After work I road my bike down our road to join the Twins at the beach.  Our neighbors let us use there steps, all 136 of them, to get down to the beach.

    Funny how you forget about the pain when you are playing in the surf.

See if you can spot the twins on such a crowded beach.

    It was Jen and Todd's 27th wedding anniversary so Grandma made dinner for the kids and me.

    Dashiel, being a 16 year old male, knows he is right about everything.  His sisters don't always agree.

    Hope everyone is enjoying summer and not too bummed about the state of the world and our Union.


Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Mid March Winter Storm

It was a heavy wet snow with the wind howling from the North.  Together the wind and the weight of the wet snow blew over the fiberglass Heart that has been there since the 1990's.  

Smart people know how to dress for the occasion.

The electrical power went out early in the morning, but Thanks to the wood stove it is nice and toasty warm inside. Our cooking stove uses propane so after lighting it with a match we could still cook.

Some of the animals could care less about the snow.  The Tiger Student Athlete  just wants to play ball.

Unfortunately the basket blew over.

Sometimes it is hard to figure out what sculpture is hidden inside the snow.

Three more pine trees fell down across our driveway.  This is in addition to the two that had fallen across the driveway in the previous storm.  You can see that though I had cleared the driveway I hadn't yet finished cleaning up the mess.  That one of my grand daughters checking out the damage.

 We went to bed early by candlelight.


The next day the sun came out and the Dogs were ready to play.

 In the morning there was still no electricity so I fired up the generator so we could cool down the refrigerator.  Fortunately it is well insulated and the frozen goods were still frozen.  Not sure how long they would have stayed that way since the power didn't come on til late in the afternoon.

Dashiell came over to help dig out after I had chainsawed a way through the fallen trees.

Looks like winter still have a long way to go.

Monday, March 12, 2018

      The high heels got caught up in the latest winter storm, but they were finally delivered and there was still time to do a little surgery on them so they could fit on the bronze feet of the lady Tango Dancer in time to make it for the opening of the "Backwards and in High Heels" show at Featherstone Center for the Arts to celebrate Women's History Month.

After mounting the Tango Dancers on their new base they were loaded onto my old trailer with the help of family.  One of the many benefits of living in  a family compound.

Unloading at Featherstone was lot easier.

At the opening the Tango Dancers were in the center of the action.

Kate Handcock came up with the idea of the Red Bows.   They conveniently covered up where I had to split the front of the shoes so they would fit over the bronze lady's feet.

Many thanks to Kenneth Cole for collaborating on this project.  It definitely brought a splash of color and joy to a dreary and stormy March on Martha's Vineyard.

Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Cinderella Story: Will the shoe fit?

Feathersone Center for the Arts is having a big opening on Sunday

Backwards and In High Heels Show

Opening Reception:
Sunday, March 11 from 4 to 6PM

Continues through Sunday, April 1
Open each day from 12 to 4PM

    When I heard about the show my first thought was that my Tango Dancers had to be there dancing in the middle of that wonderful new space they built. The Lady Tango Dancer is not only dancing backwards, but she is also bent way over backwards.

    My second thought was that the Lady Tango Dancer doesn't have on High Heels.   Like Cinderella how could she show up at the big event without a pair of beautiful shoes?

     So obviously we need a pair of high heels if the Tango Dancers are going to go to the big event.  Being a sculptor I should be able to make something that looked like high heels, but it sure would be a lot nicer if there was a Fairy Godmother around who could just make a beautiful pair of red high heels magically appear.

      Looking for inspiration to help with sculpting the red high heels I Googled Images of them.  The ones I liked best were made by Kenneth Cole.  I thought that was interesting since last fall I delivered and installed a painted steel Swinging Jenny for Maria Cole who gave it to her husband Kenneth Cole to celebrate their 30th Wedding anniversary. 

       That's when I realized my Dancer's might have a Fairy God Mother after all: Maria Cole.  She is well acquainted with my  bronze dancing figures as both The Dance and Jitterbug Dancers live in their home.  

     I contacted her through the magic of texting and soon Kenneth Cole was on the phone and we are going to try to get the Tango Dances to Featherstone with a pair of beautiful red High Heels for the Women's History Month Show.  It is too late to make a special pair to fit the Lady Tango Dancer, but Kenneth is sending by Next Day Shipping  the largest size  he has.  The big question now is: 


Sunday, February 25, 2018

It's good to visit old friends

John and I have been having fun together since high school.  Just because we are now in our 70's is no reason we should stop.

I arrived at John's in my rental Hybrid.  Not only did it get great mileage, but it was also the cheapest Hertz rental at LAX.

Years ago, rather than throw out some scrap pieces of steel from a project I welded them together into a bird and  hung it up in my studio to get it out of the way.  When John saw it he liked it so I gave it to him.  Now he thinks it is my best piece of work.  He certainly has given it a nice home.  

You can't be in Venice Beach and not get out and take a stroll along the "Boardwalk" (or whatever it is called - it certainly doesn't have any boards.)  But it does have a lot of people.  John knows a lot of them including the man in the middle who's name I have forgotten.

    Venice Beach also now has a lot of little electric scooters scattered around.  John explained to me that they are rentals.  You upload and use the "Bird" app on your smartphone to unlock one and you zip your way around town at speeds of up to 12mph.  Naturally we had to try it.  It took a little while to figure out how to use it, but soon we were on our way.  

A little wobbly at first, but pretty soon we got the hang of it.  

As the day comes to an end you naturally want to catch the sunset.

At night my bird is still flying and casting cool shadows.

          Over a vegan Thai dinner with artist friend of John's who had gone to Ethical in grade school tried to solve questions about Life, the Universe and Everything.

          A good day with a great friend.