Friday, January 6, 2017

Running Girl - Sculpture info

Running Girl   -   Sculpture info


89" high   x  84" wide   x 26" deep

B-Ball Tiger - Sculpture info

B-Ball Tiger   -   Sculpture info


80" high to top of ears
29" wide

Basketball is on bearings and rotates when turned

Dog for Presidential Welcome aka Family aka Fourth of July - Sculpture Info

Dog for Presidential Welcome  aka  Family   aka  Fourth of July


Part of Family sculpture

Nose to tail length             59"
Tip of tail to floor height   45"
Shoulder width                   13"

        middle of tail      5 3/4"
        middle of back    10 3/4"
        middle of neck     8"
      top half of leg         8"
     bottom half of leg    7"

Family aka Fouth of July aka Presidential Welcome Sculpture info

Family aka Fouth of July  aka  Presidential Welcome    Sculpture info


Thursday, January 5, 2017

Sculpture: The Hitch Hiking Tiger Info

The Hitch Hiking Tiger

72" high x 43" wide x 29" deep

Painted 1/4' thick Silpro FSB cement over foam with steel armature

Circumference measurements in inches

Tuesday, January 3, 2017

Casting the Swordfish Harpooner

Here are some pictures I took at the ART Research foundry , in Lancaster, PA of the casting of the Swordfish Harpooner sculpture.

this is a sand mold of the right front side of the Swordfish.

This is a raw cast of part of the Swordfish after it is taken from the sand mold

The "rods" along the back edge are formed in vent holes drilled in the sand mold when the the melted bronze in poured into the mold.  The "flashing" along the front edge is where the liquid bronze leaks between the two halves of the sand mold.

    After the excess bronze is cut off and the pieces are sandblasted to clean them they are ready to be put together.

Above you can see the pieces of the Swordfish ready to reassemble.  The Harpooner, without his arms, is lying in the background.

 After pouring, as the bronze cools in  the molds after pouring it shrinks and bends.  It is a lot of hard work to get the two cast halves of the Harpooner to fit back together.  As they force the pieces together they "tack" it to hold it in the right position.  Then the seams are welded.   After that  the piece is  "chased" so the original texture is recreated and you can no longer see where the pieces were put together.

Here is the finished piece, ready for the patina.

Here they are doing the patina.  The heat from the torches causes the patina chemicals to bond with the bronze to create the color of the patina.


The ART Research Foundry did a great job.  Here is the link to their web page:

Jay Lagemann

Monday, January 2, 2017

The Tumbling Heart has a new Home

     On in the afternoon of Christmas we put the Tumbling Heart in the back of the van and took it to its new home Down Island.

It takes a lot of people to make sure Steph's new heart is in the right place 

A fun thing is that that you can spin the Heart to point where ever you want and you can change your mind later.

Lions and Tigers

On the web I just came across this 35,000 to 40,000 year old sculpture.

Photos By Thilo Parg - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

    Seeing this couldn't help buy make me think of my Tigers.

I have the feeling that the ivory tiger / lion  was also used for ceremonial purposes.