Thursday, May 23, 2013

Yesterday was a long day.   The big thing was taking The Dance down to the Family Planning Art Show. Chris came up early, but he had a meeting at 10AM. Still he managed to spray a coat of yellow on the Swinging Jenny girl, spray a coat of red on the first cast Lying Lady and help me move The Dance out of the studio (it cleared the door by an inch) and then prop one end of it up so we could put the trailer under it. Todd drove behind me with his flashers going on the way to the new Ag Hall and them helped me unload it. It all went quite smoothly.
The Dance looks great in a big space.  It will be fun to see in in the middle of a big crowd of people at the Gala opening of the Family Planning Art Show tonight.

Swinging Jenny with the burka  look before I took off the wrappings that were protecting the red paint.

I went for a  short ride before dinner.  It was so foggy it was hard to see the beach from the top of the Wequobsque Cliffs.

It is so peaceful being by the stream in the middle of the woods.

The first iris have flowered by Sophie's pond.  It is just these four and they sure are early.

And beautiful.
My Patriot's bigger than your Scud

I started physical therapy for my thumb at the hospital yesterday.  Turns out that the  problem is a form of tendonitis.  The tensor tendon is inflamed and swollen so it has trouble fitting through the "pulleys" that hold it in place.  that is what is causing the "click" when my thumb doesn't bend and then it suddenly does with the click which is the swollen part popping through the "pulley".  Laura, the hand specialist, gave me a little plastic thing to immobilize my thumb so it can heal.  Five time a day I have to passively bend the joint 20 times to keep it limber.  For some reason the tendon slides through the pulley with no problem when the joint is being passively bent.  It is annoying to wear the little plastic thing, but I am determined to stick with the physical therapy and get my thumb working right again.  It is not just the pain, it is also that I need the full use of my thumb for my sculpture as well as so many other things in life.