Monday, December 1, 2008

OK now I see the little blue "Preview" in the upper right corner of the Compose window.
Now we can try a 640 by 480 size picture.
This was taken November 14, on a foggy ride through the Peaked Hill Land Bank property. I believe the rock in the distance (my mountain bike leaning up against it will give you an idea of it's size) is called Moshup's pillow.

It is funny how the picture isn't any larger. I like to look at larger pictures.

OK that seems to work. So now I should see how easy it is to put in a photo and see how it looks.

Well that is a photo from my phone taken at Great Rock Bight at 320x240 and put on the blog using the defaults - which is the medium size.

So now let's put in the same size pic using large entry

(That didn't work out very well! It put the new picture all the way at the top left.)
I seem to have trouble starting with a blank. There are so many different options and ways to go. To commit to any one seems to preclude all the rest; so it is easier to do nothing at all.
The problem is that doing nothing is a much of a choise as any of the others, it just doesn't leave much of a paper trail.

Well, I feel like I just have to get going with this blog. So let's get the whining over with and just post this so I no longer have the problem of where to start.