Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Getting tired on the way back.

North Shore and GRB

The Brickyard is in the first bay and Great Rock Bight is in the second.

Cool trees for elves.

Fort at the top of the hill. Windy. - Highest Rocks on the Vineyard

Menemsha Hills is the second highest point on Martha's Vineyard at 308 feet. Peaked hill is three feet higher at 311' which is why this pile of rocks was built on Menemsh Hills to make it the highest point on the island, even if it doesn't really count. It did fool the Encyclopedia Britanica however. I sent them a correction, it will be interesting to see what happens:

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that the highest point on Martha's Vineyard, MA USA is 308 feet. Peaked Hill at 311' is actually the highest point.

Menemsha Hills - a great place to hike