Friday, March 17, 2017

Tango Dancers - The Dip Model for casting

Tango Dancers - The Dip

64" high x 98" long x 43" wide
Model for casting

Pictures taken before final finishing and texture is applied

Male figure 64"high x 42"wide x 81" long
Ciircumferences: ankle 8 1/2  calf 13 1/2  knee 10 1/2  high 16 1/2  torso tubes 6 1/2  bicep 9 3/4  forearm 8 1/2

Female Dancer
length 94" x 44" wide  x  38 1/2" tall
(note she is missing her left hand)

Circumferences:  ankle 7 3/4"   shin 12"   knee 10"   thigh 15 1/2"  hips 36 5/8"   torso tubes 6 1/4"   bicep 9 1/2"   forearm 8"

More pictures from various angles

The Fisherman - large model for casting

The Fisherman   (without rod, line and fish)
86' high x 25" wide x 32" deep
Model for casting in bronze and stainless steel

Circumferences:  Ankle 9"   Calf 13 3/4"  Knee 11 3/8"  Thigh 16 1/2" Hips 41 3/4"
 Torso tubes 8 1/4"   Bicep 11"  Forearm 9 1/2"  (measurements before surface texture applied)
Head oval  will be 3".

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Reinstalling the Swordfish Harpooner in Menemsha

The Swordfish Harpooner leaving the ART Foundry in Lancaster, PA

      You can see that the swordfish doesn't have a sword.  We were worried about it fitting under all the bridges on the way home.  We welded it back on at Jay's Studio in Chilmark.

Jay welding on the Dart or Lilly on the Harpoon

Max grinding down the weld on the Sword after we welded it back on.

Unloading the Swordfish Harpooner from the trailer

Flying through the air

The sculpture standing on it's own

Jay and Adrian Higgins who helped build and install the original Swordfish back in 1994 and now with his big equipment Installed the cast bronze Swordfish Harpooner in 2017.  Many thanks.

The Swordfish Harpooner enjoys another beautiful Menemsha Sunset

The Bond Cast Bronze and Stainless Steel Sculpture

The Bond

Cast Bronze or stainless steel

14" high x 5" x 6"
(excluding beach rock base)