Sunday, February 16, 2014

Sculpture in the Snow

Woke up to a beautiful day!

The view out our kitchen window

     My grand daughter El and I walked out to State Road to get the Sunday New York Times.  A pleasant walk through our sculpture garden.

The Courting Swans is appropriate for Valentine's Day

Sunrise in the early morning sun

Can you make out the Jitterbug Dancers?

The shadows from The Dance stand out on the snow behind the steel Meditation Dancer

The Family is waiting to see the action while the Hitch Hiking '66 Tiger just wants a ride

Sometime it is a long cold wait

The snow adds to the Arched Lady's curves

This Family lost its flags in the high winds 

Strutting my Stuff

The Jazz Dancers  cast a long shadow

Swinging Jenny  and the Deer Park  play out in the sheep field

Marianne's 50th Birthday present

You don't need a weatherman to know which way the wind blew

You might notice that the Courting Swans has rotated over 90 degrees

Tango Dancers

This pair of Jitterbug Dancers was in the wind and only got a light coating of snow

The snow covered up the Cross Country Skier's tracks

I like the way the light comes through the snow on Speedo and her bike

The more abstract small bronze Dance

7 Baby Mobius Strip