Saturday, October 25, 2014

Off to Thailand to cast The Dance in stainless steel and 5 Dogs in bronze

    Next Tuesday I'm flying off to Thailand on the Dreamliner with two chopped up Hi Five Dogs in my luggage.


    I send the molds made for casting The Dance in bronze in Lancaster, PA to Bangkok where we will be casting it in stainless steel.  I think it is going to look really cool in stainless.

    The Dance in bronze at the Field Gallery in September.  You can see how dry it was this summer.  The dark brown of the bronze doesn't show up as well outdoors as stainless.  He is Swinging Jenny down at our building where we used to print the Black Dog Tshirts before they got off shore, forcing up to become members of the landlord class rather than job creators.

    I get nervous when it gets this close to leaving, thinking about all the things that I need to do before leaving.  Once I get on the ferry, there is no turning back, so then I can relax and just get into the flow.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

VORBA Sunday Ride - Clearing the Trail

Living Local

It is so amazing how fast the years pass when it comes to grandchildren.  Just another reminder to take the time to enjoy the adventure and love.     Summer is also over and it's time to do the Fall things.  Pretty soon we have to take "our" sheep back to my friend's farm in West Tisbury.  That means convincing them that they want to jump up into the trailer.  Food seems to be a good means of motivation.  El is spreading out some corn for them and telling them they have nothing to worry about.  

    Three of the sheep are up in the trailer.  It is sure to take several tries over the coming days before we can seduce all of them in at once.

Last weekend there was a Living Local event.  Somehow a painted pony is part of it.

Jen and Todd served their locally roasted Chilmark Coffee


When it was time to go Wren wanted a "Piggy" because her feet were hurting from her "new" gold sandals that we had picked up at the "Dumptique" recycling center at the West Tisbury dump - now transfer station.  What a find since it was exactly what she was looking for to complete her Halloween costume.  El took the picture.

Life is good.  Enjoy.

Saturday, October 4, 2014