Monday, November 23, 2009

Small Swordfish Harpooners arrive at the Granary Gallery

The small Swordfish Harpooners are cast bronze mounted on a Vineyard beach rock and are signed and numbered 47 44 and 42. They make a real special Christmas present and are priced under $1000. Check out the Granary Gallery or it's website.

Polly and Stan Murphy at my parents' house a long time ago

Yesterday afternoon there was celebration of the life of Polly Woollcott Murphy at the New Ag Hall. It was very moving, not just as a tribute to beautiful strong intelligent woman, but also to family and community. Our Island is truly a special place.
Polly and her husband Stan Murphy were among the first friends my parents made when they started coming to Chilmark for the summer in 1950. Laura, their eldest daughter pointed out to me the above picture because it was taken in my parents house in Chilmark. They are at the kitchen table looking up at the top of the ladder that went up to the attic rooms where my brother and I slept. Who knows what they were looking at.
I feel blessed to have some paintings and drawings that came out of Polly and Stan's household. They carry Stan's signature, but as an artist myself I have a good idea of how important a good partner is. I have always looked up at Polly and Stan Murphy as good people. We will miss you Polly.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Frustrating Day

Tried to install the new garage door at 49 State Road. It arrived this morning, but it turned out that we got the set of tracks for a 9' x 8' door when the door we have is 8' x 6' 6". So it will be several more days before we can finish the project. Bummer.

Documenting shutting off outside water before hard frost

This seems like a good place to put this info so that it will be easier for someone else to do it when I am not around.

Saturday, November 14, 2009


I like having my sculptures out and about around the yard and property. I made this one as a 50th birthday present for Marianne who is now my wonderful wife.

Surf from the storm

The water is quite gray from all the clay that has eroded from the cliffs. The wind had mostly died but the surf is still powerful and wild.

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Framed in

Fortunately the work area is sheltered from the North East Wind. Back in Chilmark my road sign is not so fortunate as you can see...

I made the Fisherman out of rebar steel years ago as a model for the Fisherman steel sculpture that is now down by our pond. I was taking it to the dump when stopping at the end of my road I realized that it could be the holder of the new Wequobsque Road sign (cheaper that buying a new post). I was sick of telling people to turn left after the telephone pole with the four white stripes, especially after that white stripes were half hidden by a telephone junction box.

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Two dump runs and a lot of hard and dirty work later...

The work is being done by Eamonn Solway (Quitsa Construction) (508) 364-1936.
We have worked together on several projects, all of which have turned out well. He works very hard at making sure that the job is done right. If you need a contractor here on Martha's Vineyard I highly recommend him.

More maintainence, from sculpture to garage doors.