Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pieces for the Kiss Kiss Hug Hug Revisited: The Art of Love show

The opening is this Sunday at Feathersone Center For the Arts in Oak Bluffs

Twisted Heart


Almost Touching

Standing Heart

Five Hearts

Fertility Idol

Guess who I ran into at Featherstone. Leslie baker

I was down a Feathersone Center for the Arts this afternoon to bring some love/sex/valentine oriented pieces for Feathersone's "Kiss Kiss Hug Hug Revisited: The Art of Love" show. Leslie reminded me that we had done some live drawing together with Charlotte Costa and Allen Whiting many years ago. How time flies. I also met with Patrick of Vineyard Voice about doing some videos.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Storm Knocks the Power Out

The power went out around 5:40PM. In the driving wet snow it was getting dark, but not too dark to see as I was walking back from parking Marianne's car down by the road. Suddenly I saw a flash of light through the snow. I thought it must be some sort of freak winter lightning caused by this storm. So I started counting my Mississippis til the thunder to see how far away the lightning was. (Five seconds per mile)  I gave up around 20 Mississippi and then a short while later there was light that lit up the sky in the east. It was a large half circle with it's center on the horizon and lasted half a seccond or so. Then there were no more electric lights in the Chilmark valley. 

So we had a candle lit dinner.  I made scrambled eggs with leftovers and bread toasted on the top of the wood stove.  Without the electricity to power our distractions there wasn't much better to do than have a second glass of wine and crank up the wood stove so we could bask in the warmth of our renewable energy heat source that needs no electric power while the winter storm raged outside.  

Then the damn lights came back on.


Quiet swing waiting

It is fun dancing

Color in a bottle

Cought one!

55 years ago my parents bought this land; many thanks

We built the house in 1958 for $10,000. All the doors, windows, kitchen cabinets and plumbing were salvaged. My brother and I worked for $0.50 an hour. That is where I learned the carpentry skills to build my own house next door.

Catch a Falling Star

Snowstorm color

Two new Snowman in the Sculpture Garden

Little Elves Working in Gramma's Pie Shop

Snow Hermines

Starting to Snow, big fat flakes