Saturday, June 20, 2009

New IPhone video test

I broke my old phone when I crashed on my bike (nothing serious I was standing still, just forgot we had tightened the clips on my pedals) So I just got the new IPhone 3g-S. Pretty good timing since it is the first IPhone to have video.

So Here is a test video uploaded directly from the IPhone to YouTube. The IPhone says that it compresses the video before it sends it.

Then here is the same video uploaded from the IPhone to my laptop and then to YouTube. This way should send YouTube bigger and hopefully better resolution video.

With the second video you can see it in HQ (Higher Quality) which is quite a bit clearer (noticeable when looking at the reflections on the framed paintings), but probably doesn't make any difference most of the time. Let's try a larger size next:

Unfortunately all this new tech stuff takes time to learn and work out the bugs. I wasted hours yesterday and this morning trying to get my IPhone to do mail and the web. Turned out the problem is something to do with my wireless router. Probably the easiest thing is just to buy a new one.

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