Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Swinging Jenny Installation at VIA57 in Manhattan

After the long drive from Lancaster, PA the Swinging Jenny arrives in two pieces

The top of Swinging Jenny is carefully unloaded
It was great to have two of my oldest and best friends stop by to share the moment

The bottom half is swinging from the crane

The lower half is gently being lowered so the armature tubing will fit into the Embed.  

The bottom of the sculpture is in place, ready for the final adjustments.  You can see the top of the embed posts. Next the grout will be poured to cement the sculpture in place.
Pouring the grout

The Swinging Jenny is welded to the Embed to hold it in place while the grout sets

The sun came out as the grout sets up and the Top Half is carefully lowered into place

The two halves are welded together.

Harry Gordon and I are feeling very good that Swinging Jenny is flying free after a successful installation.  Ben Blaney is still working to weld the last of the bronze surface over the welded up stainless steel armature.

Swinging in a construction site.  I look forward to seeing it with beautiful plantings around his feet.

The sculpture draws your eyes upward to the pinnacle of stunning VIA57 building designed by Bjarke Ingels for the Durst Organization.

Life goes on

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