Sunday, April 5, 2020

NorEaster final Ends: First Sunshine in Days

I will say the damn NorEaster was starting to drive me CRAZY!

   Then finally the sun came out, the wind died, and I got on my mountain bike and went out for a ride.

I love this grove of Beetlebung Trees in the Menemsha Hills Reservation.

The Brickyard was my furthest point out.   There is something about ruins that can't help but make you think.  This is what is left of the Water Wheel which supplied all the power.   It is hard to imagine a time before ubiquitous electric motors and gas engines.

     My shadow sends a friendly wave (from a safe distance!).  But the trail beckons.

    We arrive at the highest point on the Island; Peaked Hill.   Gay Head is in the distance.  With all the rain it has become a land of lakes:

   On the way home the Keith Farm is always a sight to see.

    Then past my house and to the Wequobsque Cliffs, the highest on the Island.   

     Then home with a smile on my face and sunshine in my heart.

     Marianne and I share a grilled steak dinner and a massage.  

     Life is good again.  


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