Wednesday, March 14, 2018

Mid March Winter Storm

It was a heavy wet snow with the wind howling from the North.  Together the wind and the weight of the wet snow blew over the fiberglass Heart that has been there since the 1990's.  

Smart people know how to dress for the occasion.

The electrical power went out early in the morning, but Thanks to the wood stove it is nice and toasty warm inside. Our cooking stove uses propane so after lighting it with a match we could still cook.

Some of the animals could care less about the snow.  The Tiger Student Athlete  just wants to play ball.

Unfortunately the basket blew over.

Sometimes it is hard to figure out what sculpture is hidden inside the snow.

Three more pine trees fell down across our driveway.  This is in addition to the two that had fallen across the driveway in the previous storm.  You can see that though I had cleared the driveway I hadn't yet finished cleaning up the mess.  That one of my grand daughters checking out the damage.

 We went to bed early by candlelight.


The next day the sun came out and the Dogs were ready to play.

 In the morning there was still no electricity so I fired up the generator so we could cool down the refrigerator.  Fortunately it is well insulated and the frozen goods were still frozen.  Not sure how long they would have stayed that way since the power didn't come on til late in the afternoon.

Dashiell came over to help dig out after I had chainsawed a way through the fallen trees.

Looks like winter still have a long way to go.

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