Wednesday, March 7, 2018

A Cinderella Story: Will the shoe fit?

Feathersone Center for the Arts is having a big opening on Sunday

Backwards and In High Heels Show

Opening Reception:
Sunday, March 11 from 4 to 6PM

Continues through Sunday, April 1
Open each day from 12 to 4PM

    When I heard about the show my first thought was that my Tango Dancers had to be there dancing in the middle of that wonderful new space they built. The Lady Tango Dancer is not only dancing backwards, but she is also bent way over backwards.

    My second thought was that the Lady Tango Dancer doesn't have on High Heels.   Like Cinderella how could she show up at the big event without a pair of beautiful shoes?

     So obviously we need a pair of high heels if the Tango Dancers are going to go to the big event.  Being a sculptor I should be able to make something that looked like high heels, but it sure would be a lot nicer if there was a Fairy Godmother around who could just make a beautiful pair of red high heels magically appear.

      Looking for inspiration to help with sculpting the red high heels I Googled Images of them.  The ones I liked best were made by Kenneth Cole.  I thought that was interesting since last fall I delivered and installed a painted steel Swinging Jenny for Maria Cole who gave it to her husband Kenneth Cole to celebrate their 30th Wedding anniversary. 

       That's when I realized my Dancer's might have a Fairy God Mother after all: Maria Cole.  She is well acquainted with my  bronze dancing figures as both The Dance and Jitterbug Dancers live in their home.  

     I contacted her through the magic of texting and soon Kenneth Cole was on the phone and we are going to try to get the Tango Dances to Featherstone with a pair of beautiful red High Heels for the Women's History Month Show.  It is too late to make a special pair to fit the Lady Tango Dancer, but Kenneth is sending by Next Day Shipping  the largest size  he has.  The big question now is: 


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