Thursday, September 28, 2017

Boogie Boarding Squibnocket on nice Hurricane Maria swells

           Some nice big surf from hurricane Maria at Squibnocket.  Long rides on my boogie board.  Sure didn't feel 73 during those rides.  It doesn't look it with the wide angle video, but the faces of those waves were 6' to 8' high.

On Tuesday I went out on my surf board and was quickly humbled by the big waves.  My legs just didn't want to work fast enough to scramble up quickly when after paddling like mad the board suddenly is picked up by the wave and starts sliding down it on a plane.  So I went and played in the smaller inner break.

    On Wednesday I switched to my boogie board and fins.  I feel much more comfortable on my boogie board and not scared like I am on the surf board.

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