Monday, November 23, 2009

Polly and Stan Murphy at my parents' house a long time ago

Yesterday afternoon there was celebration of the life of Polly Woollcott Murphy at the New Ag Hall. It was very moving, not just as a tribute to beautiful strong intelligent woman, but also to family and community. Our Island is truly a special place.
Polly and her husband Stan Murphy were among the first friends my parents made when they started coming to Chilmark for the summer in 1950. Laura, their eldest daughter pointed out to me the above picture because it was taken in my parents house in Chilmark. They are at the kitchen table looking up at the top of the ladder that went up to the attic rooms where my brother and I slept. Who knows what they were looking at.
I feel blessed to have some paintings and drawings that came out of Polly and Stan's household. They carry Stan's signature, but as an artist myself I have a good idea of how important a good partner is. I have always looked up at Polly and Stan Murphy as good people. We will miss you Polly.

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