Monday, December 11, 2017

Holiday Gifts that will bring Joy for Generations to come

    At the darkest time of year we give gifts to our family and friends.  Most of them will be forgotten long before another year has past.  Bronze sculptures are different.  They will last for generations and can bring a little bit of joy whenever you look at them.

    Mothers and the bond they form with their children are the basis of all family life.  Most of us have many mothers in our lives, besides our own mother we have grandmothers,  wives who give us children, and daughters who give us grandchildren.  I made this sculpture for Marianne, my wife, and my twin stepdaughters after having experienced the incredibly strong bond between these mothers and their children.  They all have one in a prominent place in their houses.


  The Bond is cast bronze 14" high x 5" x 5" and is mounted on a granite Martha's Vineyard beach rock.  It is signed and numbered and is $1,500.  Click here or on the pictures to see it in my website store.

    Swinging Jenny  was inspired by the fun I have had playing with my step daughters.  I keep
playing with this image and over the last 26 years have made it in many different sizes and materials from the original made with colored pipe cleaners to the monumental cast bronze at the VIA 57 Complex in Manhattan.

The VIA 57 Swinging Jenny is 18 feet tall and Jenny is cantilevered out 21 feet.

One of the great things about cast bronze sculpture is that it can withstand the abuse of being outside in the weather.   It is nice to have one on your deck or in your garden. 

The  Swinging Jenny that will fit in your home or on your deck is 16" high x 21" x 6" and is mounted on a granite Martha's Vineyard beach rock.  It is signed and numbered and is $3,600.  Click here or on the picture below to add it to your shopping cart.

       Ever since I was a kid I was inspired by the sense of joy and movement in The Dance by Matisse.


  The Dance is cast bronze 9" high x 15" x 12" .  It is signed and numbered and is $3,600.  Click here or on the picture to see it in my website store.


       This was a great year for me.   Besides dedicating the large Swinging Jenny in New York we reinstalled the iconic monumental Swordfish Harpooner in Menemsha on Martha's Vineyard.   I build the original back in 1994 for the Chilmark Tricentennial out of metal rebar and cement.  "Rust never sleeps" and the sculpture was showing its age.  The new cast bronze Swordfish Harpooner will grace the dunes for generations to come.

The first bronze casting I made was of the Swordfish Harpooner back in 1996 while taking a bronze Casting Workshop at the Johnson Atilier.

There are many other sculptures available on my website:

If you have any questions or would like to order directly please feel free to call my cell   508-560-0151.

Here is wishing you a great Holiday Season,

Jay Lagemann

PS  It is important to me that you are completely happy with any of my sculptures.   You can always return the sculpture for a full refund.  You can think of it as an investment where you can't lose.  A signed "Letter of Authenticity" will accompany all sculptures.

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