Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year!

Here we are in another year. It sure is getting off to a cold start here on Martha's Vineyard. It was down in the single digits when the New Year blew in on 50+mph gusts of windblown snow.

Last night we were all set to go out to a couple of New Year's Eve parties. Marianne and I bundled up and took the pot luck goodies she had made out to the car. By then it was about 10 degrees and blowing so hard that there we could see snow drifts in our driveway almost a foot deep. The snow had started out wet and soggy earlier in the day so now there was a lot of ice and snow frozen solidly on the windshield. After scraping away for several minutes and not getting very far we decided that discretion was the better part of valor. So we gave up on the parties and went next door to Jen and Todd's to share some oysters, brie, and champagne. Fell asleep before midnight.

The video above is from our new Flip Video HD. It is a pretty cool gadget. A few months ago Jenny told me about the Flip and I poo pooed it. I figured it was to simple and primitive to be worthwhile. Then when I heard that they came out with a HD version and it had an action mount which you could put on your mountain bike or helmet, I was a lot more interested. Now I am pretty much hooked. It is so easy to carry around in a pocket.

I tried the Flip on my mountain bike using the flip action mount to attach it to my handlebars. The video was pretty shaky when I was on trails, especially since the Flip does not have image stabilization. On the paved roads it wasn't so bad. Where it works best is when it is on a fixed tripod.

Having looked at how the video looks in this blog (using the preview), I am disappointed. Maybe I should try adding it to YouTube and then putting a link in here to compare how that works. I do know that the video file I uploaded to this blog looked a lot better that it does on the blog. So now I am trying to do the Flip upload to YouTube. It sure seems pretty easy to do. I will say that I have been impressed with how well the Flip makes the technology easy to use.

The clip on YouTube is bigger, but I wouldn't say it was better. The original Flip clip is quite good. Then that get shrunk down by FlipShare for emailing and sending to a website (but it is still pretty good), then when that is sent to the blog or YouTube they shrink it down further and it doesn't look so good anymore. Well, such is life, at least for now.

Now that the new year is here I feel that I had better start doing some serious thinking about what I am going to do this winter.
this should be regular
this should be higher definition

So let's put in the link in the Compose window:

guess I have to put this in here:


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